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Sæson 2018/2019

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I Like It (Video) B Kelli Haugen I Like It, I Love It Tim Mc Graw
Lindi Shuffle(video) B Jane Smee (UK) I Need More Of You Bellamy Brothers
My First Dance (Video) B Fay Willcox So Glad You´re Mine Dale Watson
Smooth Like The Summer (Video) B Lynn Card Smooth Like The Summer Thomas Rhett

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Down On Your Uppers (video) B Gary O´Reilly Down On Your Uppers Derek Ryan
I Close My Eyes (Video) B Hazel Pace Ich mach meine Augen zu Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo
Lonely Drum (Video) int. Darren Mitchell Lonely Drum Aron Goodvin
Love Flow (Video) B Niels Poulsen Let Your Love Flow The Ballamy Brothers
Rollin´ Home (Video) B Susanne Mose Nielsen Rollin´Home Nathan Carter
Simple As Can Be (Video) I Julia Wetzel Simple Florida Georgia Line
White Summer Dress Easy (Video) B Anette Starup White Summer Dress Taylor JOhn Williams

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Dans Kateg. Koreograf Musik Kunstner
Alice (video) B/I Susanne Mose Nielsen (DK) Living Nex Door To Alice Smokie
I Like It (Video) B Kelli Haugen I Like It, I Love It Tim Mc Graw
Lindi Shuffle(video) B Jane Smee (UK) I Need More Of You Bellamy Brothers
Lonely Drum EZ (Video) B Lindy Bowers Lonely Drum Aaron Goodvin
Smooth Like The Summer (Video) B Lynn Card Smooth Like The Summer Thomas Rhett

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All I wanna do is... (ingen video) I Gitte Stehr All I wanna do Martin Jensen
I Close My Eyes (Video) B Hazel Pace Ich mach meine Augen zu Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo
Love Will Never Die (Video) I Heather Barton and Rep Ghazali-Meanet I´m In Love With You Ty Herndon
Rivertown (Video) B Karen Holtorn River Town Troy Cassar-Daley
Lonely Drum (Video) int. Darren Mitchell Lonely Drum Aron Goodvin

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Better when i´m dancin´(video) Int. Julia Wetzel Better when i´m dancin´ Meghan Trainor
One Hundred (Video) I Niels Poulsen One Hundred Ida Corr
Hearts On Fire (Video) Int. Maggie Gallagher Hearts On Fire Gavin James
Slowly, Gently, softly (SGS) (Video) Int. Gary O´Reilly Despacito (Remix) Luis Fonsi &Daddy Yankee


Dans Kateg. Koreograf Musik Kunstner
Why Did It Have To Be Me (Video) B Annette Nielsen Why Did It Have To Be Me Josh Dylan, LIly James & Hugh Skinner
I Close My Eyes (Video) B Hazel Pace Ich mach meine Augen zu Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo
Love Flow (Video) B Niels Poulsen Let Your Love Flow The Ballamy Brothers
Get It Right (Video) I Maddison Glover Hard Not To Love It Steve Moakler
One Hundred (Video) I Niels Poulsen One Hundred Ida Corr


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Dans Kateg. Koreograf Musik (video) Kunstner
1159 (Video) B Rachael McEnaney-White 11:59 The Railers
1st time waltz B Denise Nicolls    
1 2 3 4 (video) I Niels Poulsen 1 2 3 Ann Taylor
16 steps (video) B Unknown Disko  
1-4-U     I Oli Geir I would die for you Antique
2 leave Liverpool B Lene Lolholm Nielsen The leaving of LIverpool Shamrock
3 Day road (video) Int Séverine Fillion 3 Day Road The Washboard Union
4 5 6 Waltz (video) B Pip Hodge Saturday Night Billy Dean
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A bible and a belt (video) I Dwight Birkjær A bible and a belt Joey and Rory
A Little Higher (video) B Peter & Alison Higher - Taio Cruz Feat Kylie Minogue
A-B Chilli cha (Video) AB Lesley Clark Originalmusik: Chilly cha cha
Vi danser til: Marvin Gaye
Jessica Jay
Charlie Puth
A-B Corner AB Val Myers Down on the Corner Mavericks
A-B Ticket AB Val Myers One way ticket LeAnn Rimes
AB Come out to night (ingen video) B Rene and Reg Mileham Good Time girls Nathan Carter
AB Cotton (video) B Lone Øhlenschlæger Damm High cotton Alabama
Act Like A Man (Video) Int. Niels Poulsen You Gotta Not Little Mix
Af Af Af (video) B Martie Papendorf Af en Af Kurt Darren
Af en af (video) I Gudrun Schneider Af en Af Kurt Darren
Alabama slammin (video) Int. Rachael McEnaney If you want my love Laura Bell Bundy
Alabama slammin ultra beginner (video) B Charlotte Neckelmann If you want my love Laura Bell Bundy
Alice (video) B/I Susanne Mose Nielsen (DK) Living Nex Door To Alice Smokie
All day long (video) I Gary Lafferty Mr. mom Lonestar
All Good (video) I Kate Sala It's all good Joe Nichols
All I wanna do is... (ingen video) I Gitte Stehr All I wanna do Martin Jensen
All over again B Louis James Sequeira I'll do it all over again Crystal Gayle
All The King´s Horses (Video) Int. Alison Biggs &Peter Metelnick Out Of Sight Midland
All you ever do (video) B Petra Kusserow (DE) All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Mavericks
All You Need (video) B Robbie McGowan Hickie All You Really Need Is Love Braid Paisley
Amame (video) I Robbie McGowan Hickie Amame Belle Perez
Another song (video)        
Anybody looking for af fool (video) I Susanne Mose Is anybody looking for a fool Kevin Collins
Askin´questions (video) B/I Larry Bass Askin´questions Brady Seals
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Baby Dream (video)


Teresa og Vera All I do is Dream of You Michael Buble
Baby Wonder train B Susanne Mose Nielsen Wonder what you´re doing for the rest of your life Train
Be strong (video) B/I Andrey Watson The words i love you Chris De Burgh
Beast of burden (video) Adv. Roy Verdonk Beast of burden  Little texas
Beer for My Horses (video) I Christine Bass Beer for My Horses Toby Keith & Willie Nelson
Before the Devil (video) I Alan Birchall If you're going through hell Rodney Atkins.
Bet my life (video) B Craig Bennet og Niels Poulsen I bet my life Imagine Dragons
Better times (video) I Pat Scott & Vikki Morris Better times a comin Derek Ryan
Better when i´m dancin´(video) Int. Julia Wetzel Better when i´m dancin´ Meghan Trainor
Better when I´m dancin´, baby (video) B Gitte Stehr Better when I´m dancin´ Meghan Trainor
Big blue tree (Video) B Ria Vos Big blue tree Michael English
Big girls boogie (video) B Mavis Broom Big girls you are beautiful Mika
Big hair (video) B Marie Sørensen Big hair The bellamy brothers
Black coffee (Video) B Carrie Bauer Black Coffee Lacy J. Dalton
Black Coffee (video) I Helen O.Malley Black Coffee Lacy J. Dalton
Blame It (video)


Marie Sørensen Blame it on your Lyin’ Cheeting Heart Tanya Tucker
Blessed (Video) Int. Jackie Miranda Blessed Elton John
Blue Night Cha (video) B Kim Ray Blue NIght Michael Learns to Rock
Blurred Lines (video) I Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk Blurred Lines Robin Thicke ft.T.I. & Pharrell Williams
Bonfire Heart (Video) B Christa Wilke Bonfire Heart James Blunt
Boobs (video) I Adrian Churm Boobs The Bellamy Brothers
Bosa Nova (video)


Phil Dennington Blame it on the Bosa Nova  Jane McDonald
Bosa Nova (beginner style) (video) B Irene Groundwater Blame it on the bossa nova Jane McDonald
Boyfriend of The Year  (video)


Yvonne Anderson Favourite Boyfriend of The Year McClymonts
Boys will be Boys (video) B Gaye Theather That don't make me a Bad Guy Toby Keith
Bring on the good times (Video) B Gary O´Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Bring on the good times Lisa McHugh
Broken Heart (video) B Leo Boomen My Next Broken Heart Brooks & Dunn
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Caballero (video) I Ira Weisburd Caballero Orchestra Mario Riccardi
Caballero baby B Charlotte Neckelmann Caballero Orchestra Mario Riccardi
Cabo san Lucas (video) B Rep Ghazali Cabo san Lucas Toby Kieth
Cadillac tears (video) B Marie Sørensen Cadillac Tears Kevin Denney
Can´t stop loving you (video) I Andy Skidmore Shout it to the world Lionel Richie
Car wash blues (Video) B Roy Verdonk Working at the car wash blues Jim Croce
Carters rock (video) I Diana Dawson The way that you love me Nathan Carter
Carters rock - the way you love me B Kirsthen Hansen og Anna Korsgaard The way that you love me Nathan Carter
Cecilia (video) I Willie Brown og Heather Barton Cecilia The Vamps
CeeCee (Video) AB Hayley Wheatley Oh Cecilia The Vamps
Chase That Song ( Video) Imp. Kate Sala Chase That Song Cody Jinks
Cheeseburger B ukendt Last Night Chris Anderson
Cherokee Boogie (video) I Chris Kumre Cherokee Boogie B5-49
Chica Boom Boom (video) B Vikki Morris Boom Boom Goes my Heart Alex Swings Oscar Sings
Chip And A Chair (Video) B Rob Holley Chip And A Chair Donny Lee
Cliché love song AB (video) B Kirsthen Hansen Cliché love song Basim
Closer (video) B/I Mary Kelly Closer Susan Ashton
Cloud number 9 (video) I Dee Musk Cloud number nine Bryan Adams
Coastin' (video) I Ray &Tina Yeoman Lord Of The Dance Michael Flatley's
Come Dance With Me (video) B Jo Thompson Come Dance With Me Nancy Hays
Come on back B      
Country 2step (video) B Masters in Line  I Just Want My Baby Back Jerry Kilgore
Country Cupid (video) B Özgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Stupid Cupid Scooter Lee
Cow Boogie (video) I Niels B. Poulsen (DK) Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Clay Walker
Cowboy Charleston (video) B Ukendt Please, please Scooter Lee
Cowboy Dreams (video) I Darren Bailey Cowboy dreams Jimmy Nail
CowGirls Twist (video) B Bill Bader What the cowgirls do Vince Gill
Crazy Foot Mambo (video) B/I Paul McAdam If you Wanna be Happy Dr. Victor & the Rafta Rebels
Cry cry cry (video) I Francien Sittrop Cry to me Precious Wilson & Eruption
Cute Cute Cute (video) I Kathy Gurdjian Brand new Girlfriend Steve Holy
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Dear future husband (video) I Julia Wetzel Dear future husband Meghan Trainor
Despacito EZ (ingen video) I Wendy McLean Despacito Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
Diamond Dixie (video) B Susanne Mose Nielsen (DK) No more Ann Taylor
Disappearing tail lights (video) I Alison Briggs og Peter Metelnick Disappearing tail lights Gord Bamford
Dixie RD (video) I Sue Smyth Dixie Road Nathan Carter
DN Waltz (video)


Niels Poulsen Rock'n Roll Waltz Scooter Lee
Doing Alright Today (Video) B Susanne Mose Nielsen It´s A Great Day to Be Alive Lee Matthews
Don´t let the sun go down (Video) Int. Niels Poulsen&Simon Ward Don´t let the sun go down on me George Michael
Don´t Lie To Me (Ingen Video) B Barb Addeo Please Don´t Lie To Me Hugo Helmig
Don't You Wish (video) B Daisy Simons (Belgium) Don't You Wish It Was True John Fogerty
Down at the station (video) I Fred Whitehouse Down at the station Billy Yates
Down On Your Uppers (video) B Gary O´Reilly Down On Your Uppers Derek Ryan
Drift away (video) I Rob Fowler Drift away Nathan Carter
Drinking Problem (Video) I Darren bailey Drinking problem Midland
Drinking with Dolly (Video) B Severine Fillion Drinking with Dolly Stephanie Quayle
Duck Soup (video) B Frank Trace Restless Shelby Lynne
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Early In The Morning (Video) B Daisy Simons Early In The Morning Derek Ryan
East to west (video) I Larry Hayden Coast to coast Modern talking
East to west 17 (Video) I Alison Johnstone & Simon Ward Play that song Train
Ella´s waltz (Video) B/I Healey Wheatley Could I have this dance Anne Murray
Elliot´s Dream (video) I Ann Wood I love to Boogie T-Rex
Elvis & Chips (video) I Julie Davies There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis Kirsty MacColl
Empty pockets (video) B Michele Burton & Michael Barr If the devil danced in empty pockets Joe Diffie
Everybody Knows (video) B Jane Thorpe Everybody Knows The Dixie Chicks
Everybody Swing (video) B Niels Poulsen It’s Chitlin’ Time Dancelife
Everyday is for love (video) B Susanne Mose Everyday John Dean
Everyday´s a Holiday (Video) Int Fred Whitehouse Holiday DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark
Every Time She Walks By (Video) imp. Heather Barton Every time she walks by Adam Brand
Eye candy (video) B Gerard Murphy Candyman Christina Aguilera
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Fall in love (video) B Pat Stott Never gonna fall in Love Tim Redmond Ft. Rick Guard
Far from plastic B Jackie Zubik Blurred Lines Robin Thicke
Far from the charts (video) Easy int. Niels Poulsen Far from the charts The Lennrockers
Farlig (video) I Mette Greisen Greve Farlig Rasmus Seebach
Feel good (video) Int Shane McKeever Don´t it feel good Home free
Feel like a man (video) B Benny Ray Feel like a man PeTE
First cha (video) B Maria Lippe Un momento alla Rick Trevino
Flowers in Your Hair  (video)
Francien Sittrop
Flowers in Your Hair
Derek Ryan 
Fly high (video) I Maggie Gallagher Let me go Gary Barlow
Forever and Ever (video) B Benny Ray Forever and ever, Amen Randy Travis
Forget-me-not (Video) Int. Pat tott (There´s) No Gettin´over Me Ronnie Milsap
Friday (ingen video) B Grethe Andersen Friday ain´t the same Hallur Joensen
Frosty the Snowman B Joyce Nicholas Frosty, the Snowman Brenda Lee
Funky Sole (Video) Easy Int. Robbie McGowan Hickie &Karl-Harry Winson Old time Rock&Roll Michael Bolton
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Galway Girls (video) I Chris Hodgson (UK) The Galway Girl Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle
Get down Get Funky (video) B Sue Wilkinson & Cheryl Poulter Slam Dunk Da Funk Five
Ghost Train (video) B Kathy Hunyadi Baby Likes To Rock It The Tractors
Go Mama Go (video) B/I Kate & Robbie Let Your Momma Go Ann Tayler
God Blessed Texas (video) B Shirley K. Batson God Blessed Texas Little Texas
Gold digger (video) B Rachael McEnaney Gold Digger Jody Booth
Good day to run (video) B Benny Ray A good day to run Darryl Worley
Good Start (video) B Adriano Castagnoli Sunny Sweeney Front Row seats
Good time girls (video) B/I Karen Kennedy Good time girls Nathan Carter
Got my baby back (video) B Maggie Gallagher I got my baby back Derek Ryan
Got You Too (video) B Kelly Hauge (NO) Husbands & wives Brooks and Dunn
Gypsy Queen (Video) I Hazel Pace Gypsy Queen Chris Norman
Gypsy queen easy (video) B Lene Mainz Pedersen Gypsy Queen Chris Norman
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Half past nothin´ (Video) I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Knock knock Jack Savoretti
Havana Ooh-Na-Na (Video) Int. Julia Wetzel Havana Camilla Cabello
Have A Good Time (video) B Rachael McEnaney-White Good Time (feat. Pittbull) Charlie Wilson
Have you ever seen the rain (video) I Dee Musk Have you ever seen the rain Rod Stewart
Heart of an Angel  (video) B/I William Brown Heart of an Angel Modern Talking
Heartaches by the Number (video) B Marie Sørensen Heartaches by the Number Peter Borup
Hearts and Flowers (video) B Adrian Churm Hearts and Flowers Dave Sheriff
Hey Boy (video)   Thomas Malmgren Hey boy Torgny Melins
High and low cha (ingen video) I Niels Poulsen Highs and lows Emeli Sandé
High cotton (video) I Niels Poulsen high Cotton Alabama
His only need (video) I Ria Vos She is his only need Wyonna Judd
Hold The Line (video) B Arnaud Marraffa Hold The Line  Stuart Moyles
Homegrown (video) I Rachael McEnaney Homegrown Zac Brown band
Homeward Bound (video) I Paul og Carla Dornstedt Take med Home Tol & Tol
Honky Tonk Blues (video) B Marie Sørensen I sang Dixie Dwight Yokam
How can i love 


Marie Sørensen How can I love somebody I hate so much Jack Daniels Band
Hungover (Video) B Séverine Fillion Hungover Brandy Clark
Hurry up slow down (video) B Séverine Fillion Hurry up, slow down Don Derby
Hurting heart (video) B Niels Poulsen og Anna Korsgaard You got away Ann Taylor
Hurts Like A Cha Cha (video) Int. Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat& Fred Whitehouse Nothing Ever Hurt Like You James Morrison
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I leave a light on (ingen video) B Marie Sørensen I leave a light on Alan Jackson
I like beer (video) B Rick Todd Hell year, I like beer Kevin Fowler
I Like It (Video) B Kelli Haugen I Like It, I Love It Tim Mc Graw
I love a rainy night (video) B Iris M Mooney I love a rainy night Eddie Rabbitt
I Wish (video) I Diana Dawson Don't You Wish it was True John Fogerty
I´m ready to roll (video) I Lotte Irmgarth Hansen Ready to roll Blake Shelton
I’m Still in Love with You (video)


Marie Sørensen Still in love with you Travis Tritt
Ice breaker (Video) B Mary Kelly Hold your horses E-type
Inspiration (video) I Robbie McGowan Hickie Heaven in my woman´s eyes Tracy Byrd
Irish Stew (video) B Lois Lightfoot Irish Stew Sham Rock
It feels like rock´n roll (video) B Maria Maag Feels like rock´n roll Bouke
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Jim and Jack and Hank (video) I Lars Christensen Jim and Jack and Hank Allan Jackson
Joana  (video) B Xose massotti Come early morning Don Wiliams
Just 4 Fun (video) B Patricia E. Stott Tell Me Ma Shamrock
Just a little love (video) B Maggie Gallagher Just a little love Derek Ryan
Just a memory (video) B/I John dean &Maggie Gallagher Memories are made of this The Dean Brothers
Just for a day (video) I Tony Vassell & Robbie McGowan Hickie Just for a day Cloverdayle
Just for Grins (video) I Jo Thompson That Girl's Been Spying on Me. Billy Dean
Just my Luck (video) B/I Alan Haywood Tired of Getting my Butt kicked The Bellamy Brothers
Just want to dance (video) B/I Charlotte Williams I just want to dance with you George Strait
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Kill the Spiders (video) I Gaye Theather You need a man Brad Paisley
K-I-S-S (video) B Benny Ray K-I-S-S Rockabilly heart
Knee Deep (video) I Peter & Alison Knee Deep Zac Brown Band
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Laid Back’n Low Key (video) B/I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Laid Back’n Low Key Allan Jackson
Lay low (video) I Darren Bailey Lay Low Josh Turner
Leaving of Liverpool (video) I Maggie Callagher The Leaving of Liverpool Shamrock
Let her go (video) I Francien Sittorp Let her go Passenger
Let it Bay-Be (Video) B Tina Argyle Let It Be Katie Stevens
Let it be beginner (ingen video) B Charlotte Neckelmann Let it be Katie Stecens
Let it be me (video) I Amy Glass & Darren Bailey Let it be me Ray LaMontagne 
Let´s have a party! (video) I Rachael McEnaney etc. Let´s have a party Scooter Lee
Let´s take a shot (video) I Dwight Birkjær Let´s take a shot Gloriane
Lindi Shuffle (video) B Jane Smee (UK) I Need More Of You Bellamy Brothers
Little beast of burden (video) B Lotte I. Hansen  Beast of burden  Little texas
Little Rumba (Video) B Donna Laurin Vaiven Chayanne
Little Wagon Wheel (video) B Gaye Teather Wagon Wheel Nathan Carter
Live Laugh Love (video) I Rob Fowler Live Laugh Love Clay Walker
Locklin's bar (video) I Maggie Gallagher Locklin's bar Michael English
Lonely Drum (Video) int. Darren Mitchell Lonely Drum Aron Goodvin
Lonely Drum EZ (Video) B Lindy Bowers Lonely Drum Aaron Goodvin
Looking Out For Angels (Video) Int. Niels Poulsen Teacher George Michael
Lord help me (video) I Marie Sørensen Lord help me be the kind of person The bellamy brothers
Loslappie  (video) I Val Cronin Loslappie Kurt Darren
Loslappie mini (video) B Marianne Valentin Loslappie Kurt Darren
Love is AB (video) AB Carrie Ann Green Love is Rod Steward
Love is like (video) I Maggie Gallagher Love is Rod Steward
Love like before (video) B Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Love´s gonna live here Derek Ryan
Love me hate me (video) I Nevile Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Better at my worst The McClymonts
Love me love me (video) B Audrey Watson Amame Belle Perez
Louisiana Style Party (video) B Susanne Mose Nielsen Louisiana Style Tamra Rosanes and Rockabilly Heart
Lucky Touch (Video) Imp. Tina Argyle When It Rains It Pours Luke Combs
Lullaby Waltz (Video) B Tina Argyle Drift off to dream Travis Tritt
Luna lite (video) B/I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Stand by me Prince Royce
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Make a start (video) B Robbie McGowan Hickie Knock Yourself Out Lee Roy Parnell
Making history (Video) Int. Craig Bennet, Dee Musk & Simon Ward History One Direction
Makita (video) I Kate Sala &Robbie McGowan Hickie Just one time Jamie O´neal
Makita baby (ingen video) B Britt Christoffersen Just one time Jamie O´neal
Mama Loo (video) B Maria Maag Mama Loo Harris, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer
Mama's Pearls (video) B Nigel & Barbara Payne Mama Said Dave Sheriff
Mamma Maria (video) B Frank Trace Vince Gill High Lonesome Sound
Maybe tomorrow (video) Int. Niels Poulsen og Malene Jakobsen Maybe tomorrow Westlife
Memories are made of this (video) I Maria Tao Memories are made of this Bobby Prins
Miller Magic (video) B/I Andrew Palmer, Simon & Sheila Cox Glenn Miller Medley Jive Bunny
Mini Mariana (video) B Jan Welsh Mariana Mambo Chayanne
Missing (Video) I Heather Barton Missing William Michael Morgan
Mom, the bomb! (video) I Niels Poulsen and Alexis Strong Mom Meghan Trainor
Mony Mony (video) I

Maggie Gallagher

Mony Mony Dean Brothers
Move slowly (video) B Michelle Risley Nobody´s home Clint Black
My first love (video) I Robbie McGowan Hickie You´r my first love Eden ft. Lianie May
My first love B (video) B Robbie McGowan Hickie &Anna Korsgaard You´re My first love Eden ft. Lianie May
My Girl Sally (video) B Audry Watson Sea Salt Sally Rick Guard
My Heart I Theresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher My heart won't let you leave my mind Jake Mathews
My Veronica (video) b/i Peter & Alison Veronica Barbados
My way (video) I Craig Bennet Get in my way Robin Thicke
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Nancy Mulligan (Video) Imp. Maggie Gallagher & Gary O´Reilly Nancy Mulligan Ed Sheeran
Native American (video) B/I Irene Hawkins & Jean Prentice Native American Bellamy Brothers
Naughty but Nice (video) B Patricia E. Scott Your good girl's gonna go bad Tammy Wynette
Never gonna break your heart (video) I Gaye Teather Breake your heart Derek Ryan
New shades of blue (video) I Yvonne Anderson New shades of blue Southern Pacific
No trouble (video) I Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell Old Dan Tucker Patrick Feeney
Not fair
Francien Sittrop
Not Fair
Lily Allen
Nothing but tail lights (video) B/I Ron Bagley Nothin´ but taillights Trace Adkins
Nothing new under the sun (Ingen video) I Karen Kennedy Under the sun Chris Janson
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Old 97 (video) I Diana Dawson The wreck of the old 97 Boxcar Willie
Only Human (Video) B Anita Andersen Human Rag´n´bone man
Oops baby (video) Int. Cody Flowers & Rachael McEnaney Oops Feat. Charlie Puth
Open book (video) I Jo Thompson Szymanski Open book Scooter Lee
Over the line (ingen video) B Annette Starcke She is his only need Wynonna Judd
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Peaches & cream (Video) B Peter and Alison You´re sixteen Ringo star
Peligrosa (video) B Ria Vos Peligrosa Javier Rios
People are Crazy (video) I Gaye Theater People Are Crazy Billy Currington
Perfect (video) Imp. Mette Hemmingsen Perfect Ed Sheeran
Perfect (Video) Int. Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot Perfect Ed Sheeran
Piano Man (Video)
Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell
Shake Your Boogie and Roll by 
Pete Stothard
Pizziricco (video) B Dynamite dot Pizziricco The Mavericks
Pot of Gold (video) Liam Hrycan Dance Above The Rainbow Ronan Hardiman
Priscilla (video) I Maddy Glover Priscilla Miranda Lambert
Quarter after one (video)  I Levi J hubbard Need you now Lady Antebellum
Queen of my heart (video) B Birthe Tygesen Queen of my heart Westlife
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Raggle taggle easy B Karen Tripp Raggle taggle gypsy Derek Ryan
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O  (Video)
Maggie Gallagher
Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Derek Ryan
Razor Sharp (video) I Stephen  Sunter Siamsa Michael Flatley's
Ready to roll baby (Video) AB Kirsthen Hansen Ready to Roll Blake Shelton
Red hot rock n roller (video) B/I Gaye Teather Red hot rock´n roller Dave Sheriff
Red Hot Salsa (video) I Christina Browne Red Hot Salsa. Dave Sheriff
Refund To My Heart (Video) Int. Ria Vos Love Back Brenna Whitaker
Reggae Romance (Video) int. Karl-Harry Winson Reggaeton Lento (Remix) CNCO & little mix
Rendez vous (ingen Video) Int. Nathan Gadiner Rendez vous INNA
Ride Away (Video) imp Robbie McGowan Hickie Ride With Me The Mavericks
Ridin' (video) B/I Dave Ingram Ridin´ Alone Rednex
Ritas Waltz (video) B Jo Thompson Old friend Scooter Lee
Rivertown (Video) B Karen Holtorn River Town Troy Cassar-Daley
Rock paper scissors (Video) I Maggie Gallagher Rock-paper-scissors Katzenjammer
Rockin' (video) I Anita McNab Rockin´pneumonia Ronnie Mcdowell
Rockin' around the christmas tree B ukendt Rocking Around the Christmas Tree Various
Rock'n Roll (video) I   Rocking Around the christmass tree The Bellamy Brothers.
Rollin´ Home (Video) B Susanne Mose Nielsen Rollin´Home Nathan Carter

Rose Colored Glasses (ingen video)

B Anthony Baker Rose Colored Glasses LeAnn Rimes
Rose garden (video) I Jo Thompson Rose garden Scooter Lee


Janice Patrice I'm From The Country Tracy Byrd
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Salt & lime (video) I Gary Lafferty Tequila Talking Lonestar (video) I Sue Ann Ehmann E-Mail Santa. Billy Gilman &
Rosie O'Donnell
Save Me Tonight (Video) B Maggie Gallagher save me Tonight A Little Bit More, Reed Fields & Jill Hamlin
Save the day (video) Int Karl-harry Winson One call away Charlie Puth
Sea of Heartbreake (Video) B Niels Poulsen Sea of heartbreake Rosanne Cash
Second hand beginnings (video) B Willie Brown Second hand heart Ben Haenow ft. Kelly Clarkson
Second hand heart (video) I Maggie Gallagher Second hand heart Ben Haenow feat. Kelly Clarkson
Send my love (video) easy Int. Maryloo Send my love Adele
Sex on the Beach (video) B Tom Clarke Sex on the Beach T-Spoon
Shakatak (video) I Kate Sala Ciega, Sordomuda Shakira
Shakin Mix (video) B Yvonne v. Baalen (NL) Hitmix Shakin' Stevens
Shanias Moment (video) I Nathan Easey From This Moment Shania Twain
Shore Thing (video) B Eddie Hoffmann It's a Shore Thing Luke Bryan
Side By Side (video) I Patricia E Stott We work it out  Joni Harms 
Simply nightclub (video) B Val Myers & Diana Randle Living for the night George Strait
Skip the line (video) I Kate Sala Skip the line Sugar & the hi lows
Slowly, Gently, softly (SGS) (Video) Int. Gary O´Reilly Despacito (Remix) Luis Fonsi &Daddy Yankee
Snake Oil (video) B Ukendt Any Man Shania Twain
Speak to the sky (video) B/I Keith Davies Speak to the sky Brendon Walmsley
Start Easy (video) B Stephen (Hillbilly) Howard (UK) Still the One Shania Twain
Stealing the best (video) B Rosie Multari Dance above the rainbow Ronan Hardiman
Sticks and Stones (video) B Annie Saerens Sticks and Stones Tracy Lawrence
Stitch It Up (video) B/I Robbie McGrowan Hickie Elvis Medley The Dean Brothers
Stop & drink (Video) I Robbie McGowan Hickie Stop & drink George Strait
Stop staring at my eyes! (video) HB Raymond Sarlemijn og Niels Poulsen Boobs The bellamy brothers
Story (Video) High imp. Maddiaon Glover Story Drake White
Such a fool (video) B Niels Poulsen A fool such as I Jason Donovan
Summer Sway (video) Imp. Cody Flowers, Rachael NcEnaney-White&Lisa Utz Sway Danielle Bradbery
Super woman (Video) Int. Kate Sala Superwoman Rebecca Ferguson
Sweet Hurt (Video) Imp. Ria Vos Sweet Hurt Jack Savoretti
Sweet Maureen (video) B Rafel Corbi Sweet Maureen Jambalaya
Sweet Sweet Smile (video)


Johnny Two-Step & Fi Scott Sweet Sweet Smile Sharon B
Sweetly Smiles  (video) B Irma Krogh I don't know what she said Blaine Larsen
Swingin' Home For Christmas (video) B Marie Sørensen Swingin' Home For Christmas The Tractors
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Take a Breather (video) B/I Maggie Gallegher I Need a Breather Darryl Worley
Take me to the river (video) int. Roy Verdonk&Jonas Dahlgren Take me to the river Kaleida
Take the First Step (video) B Alan Robinson Every little thing Carlene Carter
Telepathy (video) B Chris Hodgson You can't read my mind Toby Keith
Tell Me Why! B/I Niels B. Poulsen (DK) Why haven't I heard from you Reba McEntire
Tell The Thuth! (Video) Imp. Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray og Niels Poulsen Please don´t lie Hugo Helmig
Tell the world (video) Improver Robbie McGowan Hickie Tell the world Eric Hutchinson
Temporary Love (Video) Imp. Rob Holley & Randy Pelletier Temporary Love Tyminski
Tennessee waltz surprise (video) B Andy Chumbley Tennessee waltz Ireen Sheer
Thankful  (video) I Fred Whitehouse Thankful Celine Dion
Thanks a lot (video) B Helen Conroy Noonan Thanks a lot Robert Mizzel
That´s What Lovers Do (Video) B Step5678 What Lovers Do Maroon 5
That's Why B Leif Wittorp That's why Bibbi og Snif
The belle of Liverpool (video) Easy I Audrey Watson The belle of LIverpool Derek Ryan
The boat to Liverpool (video) I Ross Brown On the boat to Liverpool Nathan Carter
The boat to Liverpool back home B Kirsthen Hansen On the boat to Liverpool Nathan Carter
The Flute (video) I Maggie Gallagher Flute Barcode Brothers
The Freeze (video) B Ukendt Last Night Ukendt
The Little Shirt (video) B Audrey Watson Little Shirt My Mother gave to me Hugo Duncan
The Most Beautiful GIrl (Video) B Niels Poulsen The most beautiful gorl Charlie Rich
The One You´re Waiting On (Video) Int. Maddison Glover The One You´re Waiting On Alan Jackson
The real deal (video) I Heather Barton & Willie Brown Baby i´m right Darius Rucker
This and That (video) B Gary Laferty Woman Mark Chesnut
This is me (video) I Yvonne Anderson This is me missing you James House
This little light (video) B/I Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Thompson This Little Light Of Mine Scooter Lee
Those Russians (video) int Niels Poulsen Rasputin Boney M
Ticket to the blues (video) B Niels Poulsen One way ticket Eruption
Timber (video) I Terri Alexander Timber Pitbull
Time 2 fly (video) Int Kate Sala The same side Lucie Silvas
Tiny Cheesecake (video) B Anette Holtet Cheesecake TEO
TLC (video) B Steve Mason I need your love tonight John Dean
T'Morrow never Knows (video) B Maggie Gallagher Tomorrow Never Knows Bruce Springsteen
Toes (video) B/I Rachael McEnaney (UK) Toes Zac Brown Band
Together Forever (Video)
Yvonne Anderson
Moon Song
Raelyn Nelson Band
Tomorrow Never Comes (video) I Karl "The Spirit"Cregeen If Tomorrow Never Comes Ronan Keating
Town of hope and memories (video)


Gitte Jacobsen Dirty old Town Johnny Logan
Triple mix (video) B Lorna Mursell Country medley Nathan Carter
True Believer! (Video) I Niels Poulsen I believe Diamond Rio
Trust Me! (video) B/I Geri Morrison Vincerò Fredrik Kempe
Tush Push (video) I Jim Ferrazzano Achy breaky heart Billy Ray Cyrus
Twist & turns (video) I Maddison Glover Tomorrow never comes Zac Brown Band
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Under the Sun (video) B/I Kathy Chang/Sue Hsu Under the Sun Tim & Tim
Until the dawn (video) B Gary lafferty Marvin Gaye Charly Puth
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Vertical expressions (video) I Vera Fisher og Teresa Lawrence Vertical expression The Bellamy Brothers
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Wagon wheel rock (video) I Yvonne Anderson Wagon wheel Nathan Carter
Walk Alone (Video) Int. Kate Sala og Robbie McGowan Hickie I Walk Alone Cher
Walk Down Town (video) I Helle Ingemann Petersen Somewhere Else Toby Keith
Walking on air (video) I Kim Ray Angel Eyes Michael Learns to rock
Waltz across Texas (video) B Jim Walker Rock'n Roll Waltz Scooter Lee
Want U Back B Sadiah Heggernes Quedate Mas Los Super Reyes
We only live once (video) I Robbie McGowan Hickie 

We Only Live Once

Shannon Noll
We only live once AB B Anna Korsgaard og Kirsthen Hansen We only live once Shannon Noll
We wanna dance (video) I Maggie Gallagher We wanna Alexandra Stan & INNA
We´ll be alright (video) B Susanne Mose Nielsen Were gonna be alright Mike Denver
Well do ya? (Video) I Kim Ray Do you love me? The overyones
Well Swung (video) I Daniel Whittaker In the mood Swing City
What you waiting for I Phil Carpenter Blame It On Me George Ezra
When I need you (video) I Karl-Harry Winson When I need you Joe McElderry
When I need you easy (video) B Lone Øhlenschlæger Damm When I need You Joe McElderry
When I´m 64 (video) I Michael Barr When i´m 64 The beatles
Where we´ve been (Video) Int. Lana Harvey Wilson Remember when´ lan Jackson 
White Summer Dress (Video) Int. Daniel Trepat & Junghye Yoon White Summer Dress Taylor John Williams
White Summer Dress AB (Video) AB? Diana Liang White Summer Dress Taylor John Williams
White Summer Dress Easy (Video) B Anette Starup White Summer Dress Taylor JOhn Williams
Who Needs Mexico (ingen video) Imp. Kath McManamon Who Needs Mexico Mason James
Whole Again (video) B/I Sue Johnstone Whole again Atomic Kitten
Will you go with me (ingen video) I David Hoyn Would you go with me Josh Turner
Windmill waltz (video) B Peter Douglas Mexican wind Emmylou Harris
Woman up (Video) Int. Rachael McEnaney-White and Amy Christian Woman Up Meghan Trainor
Wonder train (video) I Ria Vos Wonder what you´re doing for the rest of your life Train
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Yes, darling daughter! (Video) B Michelle Risley Yes, darling daughter Eydie Gormé
You ain´t Dolly (video) B Tine Sjursen You ain´t Dolly Ashley Monroe & Blake Shelton
You belong to me (Video) I Mick Storey You belong to me Bryan Adams
You got away (video) I Niels Poulsen You got away Ann Tayler
Your Heaven! (Video) BI Niels Poulsen Take me to your heaven Charlotte Nilsson
Your World (video) B Niels B. Poulsen (DK) Its Your World Now The Eagles
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Zjozzy's Funk (video) I Petra van de Velden Bacca Perbacco Zucchero
Øde Ø (Video) I Annette Dida Nielsen Øde Ø Rasmus seebach